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Working with existing brand guidelines

We love creating new brands but we are happy designing material for new or established brands. Here are some examples of how we can work with existing brand guidelines.

Thomas Miller have recently had themselves re-branded. They approached us with extensive new brand guidelines and needed their web site to be redesigned accordingly. Their new guidelines focused on printed material from stationery to annual reports and only touched upon web site design. It featured just a single image:

Thomas Miller home page in guidelines——

From this visual we produced a series of designs that were developed into Thomas Miller’s final site (click an image to see the final online version):
Thomas Miller home page Thomas Miller business portal

Thomas Miller generic page designThomas Miller site office loaction page design

We also supplied graphics for all office locations:
Thomas Miller site office location

Another client who has clear guidelines, that need to be adhered to, is Nespresso. We have worked with them on many items from vouchers to large format poster campaigns.

Here we took their 2008 end of year promotion designs and re-worked them to be applied to vouchers, columns, lift doors and windows for various department stores. These included Harrods, John Lewis, House of Fraser and, illustrated below, Debenhams on Oxford Street, London:

Nespresso Debenhams Oxford Street windows

John Lewis voucher frontJohn Lewis voucher back

We have also produced invitations, machine guides, price lists and html e-mails for Nespresso:

Nespresso box guideNespresso business-to-business booklet

Nespresso machine guideNespresso A4 Citz flyer

Nespresso free sample capsule flyer