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Vintry & Mercer

We have worked for Vintry & Mercer, a boutique hotel in the City of London, on pre-launch material, menus, signage and promotional items.

We were asked to design a pack of premium playing cards for the hotel. We thought it would be great to include an ambigram into the design — that is a typographic device that reads the same upside down. Here the reverse of the card is shown rotating, to illustrate how the “Vintry and Mercer” logotype reads the same when viewed either way up:

The rest of the deck utilised a traditional look, but re-coloured and typeface changed to be on-brand. A cocktail drinking pair of monkeys were introduced as the Jokers:
Vintry & Mercer playing card — Ace of Spades Vintry & Mercer playing card — Queen of Hearts
Vintry & Mercer playing card — Joker 01 Vin-try & Mercer playing card —Joker 02

Other work undertaken for Vintry & Mercer, illustrated below, include wallpaper for the corridors, embroidered cushions, exterior signage, and a short movie for social media promoting their first birthday!

Vintry & Mercer wallpaper design

Vintry & Mercer cushion design

Vintry & Mercer exterior signage concept
Vintry & Mercer exterior signage