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TWTD shirt designs

We’ve been working for over ten years creating original designs for TWTD (Those Were The Days), an independent Ipswich Town Football Club magazine and online news service. As well as designing their identity and their magazine covers (below) we also create original merchandise promoting both TWTD and the team. Being Ipswich Town season ticket holders makes this work a bit more fun.

TWTD issue cover 77 Tommy Miller designTWTD issue cover 58 Fabian Wilnis design TWTD issue cover 92 1978 design TWTD issue cover 83 Star Wars design

A few of the t-shirt designs have been ‘inspired’ by a famous design by Dutch designers Experimental Jetset. The original design for a Japanese fashion label 2K/Gingham is titled John Paul Ringo George:

Experimental Jetset: John & Paul & Ringo & George t-shirt

Now, we don’t like to rip off original designs but it this design classic has led to literally hundreds of homages, parodies or tributes, which the original designers enjoy. Here are few of them:

Baby shirtMinimalistPacManSugababes

So here are our designs. You might have to be an Ipswich fan to understand them, but that’s the point...

Ipswich classic back four t-shirtIpswich classic stands t-shirt

The concept behind the Experimental Jetset’s original shirt — a band promo shirt stripped of all but the minimum information — inspired us to develop other ideas. The following illustrate the scorers in classic Ipswich Town cup matches:

Osborne 1978 t-shirtUEFA Cup 1981 t-shirt

Other designs we have produced for TWTD have derived from classic films ...

Tractor the Future t-shirtBobby Robson The Godfather

... and albums:

ITFC ACDC hoodie designSuffolk (Public) Enemy T-shirt

Sgt Pepper Ipswich Town design

This Sergeant Pepper design, created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ipswich’s FA Cup final win, features celebrities and items of popular culture from the year 1978. Click the image or here for a guide to all those featured.

The original poster is available to purchase from our shop.

More recently, when Ipswich Town were taken over by media-shy multi-millionaire Marcus Evans, the following design was launched. Playing on the mystery man’s anonymity, it is inspired by the classic scene from the movie Sparticus ...

I'm Marcus Evans t-shirt